What is VAT ?

All fat is not the same

Typically, when people gain weight, they mostly add subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT). This is the “regular” fat that is soft or doughy and sits just under your skin.

Visceral adipose tissue (VAT) is a type of fat that lies deeper, mostly in your abdomen (stomach) area. VAT can be found around organs, such as your heart, liver, and pancreas. Excess VAT may also be associated with fat build up in organs. At normal levels, VAT is not an issue.

VAT is a hard fat—in more ways than one

  • Feels firmer compared to regular fat
  • May be difficult to recognize during a routine exam with your healthcare provider (HCP)
  • May make it hard to perform certain physical activities and can reduce your quality of life
  • May be hard on your health
  • Can be tough to reduce with exercise and a healthy diet alone

When HIV is under control, you can focus on healthy aging and managing issues that may get in the way. For many people who are treated for HIV, excess VAT may be one of those issues. Your HCP can check if VAT may be a problem for you.